If you trust us with a problem, we will trust you the solution

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“There are no problems, only solutions”
– John Lennon-

Our aim is to provide you with reliable, consistent and solid solutions. Long experience in the industry, discipline and the ability to anticipate problems before they occur will enable you to focus on your day-to-day business. Active management, rigorous monitoring and targeted escalation is our company policy when issues emerge.

Ship Services

Ship Services

Ship Services

  • Free pratique procedures

  • Transit calls

  • Port customs and consular formalities

  • Crew services (view more)

  • Dry-dοcκ formalities and consulting

  • Consulting services and inspection coordination for Port State Control

  • Procedures for issuance of deratting exemption certificate

  • Procedures for issuance or renewal of Bunkers 2001 CLC

  • Transit log issuanceres

  • Registration and flag change procedures

  • Consulting services and follow up of ship’s certificates

  • Safe manning issuance or renewal

Crew Services

Crew Services

Crew Services

  • Medical attendance
    Arrangement for issuance of health documents required for crew on board a ship and any other health test required.

  • Embarkation or disembarkation attendance

  • Immigration formalities

  • Application for crew VISAS
    Necessary arrangements for crew Visas i.e. Philippines, Ukraine.

  • Crew transportation
    Arrangement of means for transportation for crew to go onboard vessel from airport to ship, including means such as company’s cars, taxi, vans or small boats.

  • Hotel accommodation for crew awaiting vessels to sing on or repatriation flights

  • Shore passes
    Issuance of shore passes for crew from port authorities.

  • Check of STCW and other certificates required and procedures for their replacement or upgrade
    i.e. tanker safety, endorsements, refresh, manila upgrade.

Crew Services

Crew Services

Other Ship Services

Other Ship Services

Other Ship Services

Our company in association with selected partners provides services at competitive rates and quality.

  • Fresh water supply

  • Provisions-stores-spares

  • Bunkering – Lubs

  • Garbage disposal and slopes

  • Towage procedures and arrangement

  • Security services

  • Thickness measurements

  • Ships Manual and plan

  • ISM-ISPS-MLC (Manuals – inspection)




  • Apply for attestation-certificates relevant to ship’s sale and purchase, or certificates for use to ministry of mercantile marine for route application, or for use to social security institutions

  • Calculation of contributions of social security obligations of ships

  • Consulting services regarding ship’s obligation to NAT



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