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“If you don’t know history, then you don’t know anything. You are a leaf that doesn’t know it is part of a tree.”
-Michael Crichton-

Our agency bases its operation on the experience and values gathered throughout the years but having always in mind the dream of the future. Shipping industry needs its history but we also ought to take advantage of all the present and future tools offered to achieve our goal.

Our goal is your smooth business.

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Our Code of Conduct: respect for the client, responsibility and the professionalism that our company possesses, we provide the best results, giving solutions adapted on each occasion.

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Our History

Our story begins in 1935 with our Headquarters in the premises of the Piraeus Market under the trade name KLEIDOUHAKIS KONSTANTINOS, one of the first goalkeepers of OLYMPIAKOS FC.

In December 1974 the company premises are moved to, 16 Poseidonos coast by the name K. KLEIDOUHAKIS – I. KYRIAKIDIS & Co incorporating Mr Christakopoulos Kanellos in the management.

In November 1977 after the withdrawal of K. Kleidouhakis from active action, the trade name of the company changes to I. KYRIAKIDIS & Co, general partnership, with Mr Kyriakidis and Mr Christakopoulos continuing their duties with high standards and professionalism.

In February 1987 the Headquarters are moved to, 2 Dimitriou Gounari st.

The Agency continues its progress until 1992, when Mr Kyriakidis withdraws and Mr Christakopoulos Kanellos takes over the reins of the company, changing the trade name into CHRISTAKOPOULOS KANELLOS, with the distinctive title LAKIS MARITIME SERVICES.

In 2005, Mr Christakopoulos Charalampos is added to the manpower of the company, who at the end of 2008 takes over the management after Mr Christakopoulos Kanellos’s retirement.

In 2012, our company strengthens its manpower with the addition of Mr Christakopoulos Konstantinos, and the trade name changes to CHAR & KON. CHRISTAKOPOULOS general partnership, still in effect today.

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